Birds Aren’t Real activists hold rally in Springfield, Missouri

All birds in the USA have been eliminated and also swapped with drones run by the federal government. Birds Aren’t Genuine is a motion that’s invested several years attempting to reveal this tremendous fraud by alerting the public at protests, social media sites, Birds Are Not Real Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, and also a SubReddit with nearly 400,000 participants. They’re currently taking the rally on the road. The very first stop was yesterday in Springfield, Missouri. Video clip below.

“I think the evidence is around us, Birds Are Not Real 2021 Sweater, birds sit on power lines, Birds Aren’t Real Field Guide T-Shirt, our team believe they’re billing on high-voltage line, our team believe that bird poop on cars is fluid tracking apparatus,” movement leader Peter McIndoe informed KOLR.

Some people firmly insist that Birds Aren’t Real are simply pranksters taking the piss out of the absurd (and hazardous) conspiracy concepts of recent years, however that justification does not fly with us.

The Birds Aren’t Actual motion has actually been energetic given that 1976. When a preventative cause, Birds Aren’t Real Vintage Retro Shirt, our preliminary goal was to quit the genocide of real birds. Regrettably this was unsuccessful, and the government has because replaced every living bird with robotic reproductions. Now our movement’s authority is to make everybody familiar with this reality.

We are the voice brave sufficient to cry out. We are the tornado thundering throughout the horizon. We are the candle in the dark area. We are the only hope this nation has actually left.

For several years, 2021 Birds Aren’t Real Plus Size Hoodies, your rights have actually been violated. We respect that. We care that the government watches you drive to function, eat, Birds Aren’t Real Sweatshirt For Women, and also rest. They see every little thing from above, Birds Aren’t Real Funny Mens Tshirt, without an ounce of approval from their very own people.

In our movement, Birds Aren’t Real Sweatshirt Plus Size, there are beacons of light who run their own state-categorized chapters. They have actually taken the responsibility of guarantee the extension of activism in their communities. Birds Aren’t Real Bird Conspiracy Government Drone Shirt, We call them “The Bird Brigade”. They are listed below.

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