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Halloween and International Black Cat Awareness Month

International Black Cat

October is Black Pet cat Recognition month as a result of the truth that many people stress that people are going to do terrible things to black cats around Halloween. While this has largely proven to be a myth, black cats are currently 50% much less likely to be embraced than other cats in sanctuaries, […]

You Want to Know About Black Cats and Halloween

Black cat Halloween

It’s Halloween, as well as pictures of black pet cats are anywhere. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself just how the black feline came to be related to the vacation? Keep reviewing to find out every little thing you ever before required to understand about black pet cats and also Halloween. The History of […]

What is the Connection Between Black Cats & Halloween

Black Cat Halloween

If you’re like everybody on the PrettyLitter group, you most likely assume black cats are definitely lovable. So where did their ultra-spooky, bad-luck track record originated from? As well as why are they so carefully connected with Halloween? Well, we get on an objective to save black pet cats everywhere from the poor representative, so […]