Halloween and International Black Cat Awareness Month

International Black Cat

October is Black Pet cat Recognition month as a result of the truth that many people stress that people are going to do terrible things to black cats around Halloween. While this has largely proven to be a myth, black cats are currently 50% much less likely to be embraced than other cats in sanctuaries, so the cards are actually stacked versus them. So I presume it is good we have a day dedicated to this issue in August– and also currently an entire month!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your kitties stay safe this Halloween:

  • Designate a safe area for the felines earlier in the day. Set the area up with a litter box (or 2 or 3, depending upon the number of pet cats you have). Set up food and also trash. Generate some catnip as well as treats to be used later.
  • I had several very shy pet cats in my residence when my kids were young and also doing active trick-or-treating, so I would concentrate on obtaining my shyest pet cats into a bed room early in the afternoon prior to the youngsters got crazy about costumes and also candy. My friendly people, I thought I can get as well as move into the room concerning a hr prior to trick-or-treating time.
  • If I am having a difficult time obtaining the timid pet cats to move, I occasionally needed to be versatile … so it was not unheard of that I could secure them in my wardrobe with food as well as a can. I felt this was the best alternative for them sometimes, as I didn’t have double doors at my residence and also the front door was open for much of the moment from 5-7.
  • Keep in mind Halloween food. If you have kids bringing food residence or you have sweet out to hand out to the many trick-or-treaters seeing, please beware not to leave it out not being watched. We have all listened to the tales regarding pets eating chocolate and also getting ill from that, yet this can occur with cats too. They also might bat the sweets around and also you will get to locate the candies under your sofa ten years later when you vacate the house!
  • Children, cats, and sugar=disastrous mix. Be willing to keep the felines in their risk-free room till after the children have actually had their candy and also gone to bed. Letting the felines out while the kids are house with crazy outfits and also sweet can be an awful combination. Constantly keep in mind that felines are animals of regimen. They do not such as adjustment and also the madness of Halloween can worry them out.
  • Do you spruce up your feline for Halloween? I need to say that none of my pet cats valued the wish my children had for clothing them up. Concerning 2/3 of my cats were semi-feral, so my children needed to recognize that there was no hope with those people, however the remainder of my team was occasionally level playing field. None of them appeared to enjoy this so we don’t do it, however my child Rachel has a pet cat that does not seem to mind it. So if you do have a feline that is fine with being dressed up, just see to it there isn’t anything that they can get caught up on and most definitely don’t let them outside dressed up! Please check them closely. If they feel in all dismayed, bring them to a peaceful area as well as take off the costume.

I hope these tips will help you have a fun, safe and enjoyable Halloween.