LED Christmas Lights Installation & Decorating Service

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Christmas Lights?

Are you one more aspiring Clark Griswold, planning on spending hours climbing rickety, old ladders and disentangling packages of cable to hang your Xmas lights this year? Why don’t you let our devoted team of Xmas light installment professionals take the job as well as stress out of the enhancing procedure? We’ll guarantee your home looks classy, cheery and also great!

  1. LED Xmas lights save you money in energy. According to Toronto Hydro, LEDs use up to 97% less electrical power than typical Xmas lights. For one string of lights, this translates to one dollar supplying you 15 hrs from incandescent lights versus 15 days from LED lights. Allow’s think your Christmas lights remain in use for 6 hrs daily, for a total of six weeks. If 10 strings of light bulbs are utilized, the expense of electricity will amount to $264 for incandescent bulbs, yet only $1.08 for 10 strings of LEDs!
  2. LED lights last longer than traditional lights. The life span of LED is up to 50,000 hrs compared to 1,200 hours of an incandescent bulb.
  3. LED lights are 5-6x brighter than traditional Christmas lights.

However basic or intricate your designing vision might be, our happy professional design specialist will certainly visit or meet you at your home and also deal with you to integrate your desire with our unique concepts right into reality. Robust wreaths, thicker, fuller garlands as well as other festive plant adorned with ache cones and bows will make certain to enhance your house for the holidays!

What does your Christmas Lights Installation Include?

All you need to provide is the power, and we’ll take care of everything else needed to complete your project. We provide & include:

  • The layout
  • The decors, timers, extension cords & lights
  • The installation of the Christmas lights
  • We come get rid of the lights once the season is over. When it comes time to take down your screen, we will certainly also safely get rid of, supply and also shop the designs for you until we return again next year.
  • We guarantee your installation till Xmas. If any components break on their own, we’ll replace them problem-free!

I’m sold, but how much does it cost?

Every house is different, and every resident has various tastes. The minimal job is $1500.00, nonetheless an ordinary job in the very first year including lining the front of your home with LED C9 lights, Plump Mixed Garland around the front door, an attractive lit wreath and a couple standard trees decorated with LED mini-lights, could be somewhere around the $3000.00-$ 4500.00 rate point or even more, relying on the dimension of your home or company, incline of roofings, building accessibility and the extent of the projects décor. Remember that this price is for the initial year only and also it includes the expense of lights, expansion cables, timers, installment, our perfect til Xmas warranty, take-down and proper storage.

You possess the lights, so NEXT year’s setup might be someplace around 45-55% of that rate. You will also conserve a load of money on electricity, as well as be the envy of the neighborhood (but a lot more significantly- your family members!).