The Ultimate List of Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Last year I found 5 spooky ways to decorate your bathroom. This year my findings are even better! The ultimate question of Halloween comes down to this; trick or treat? I myself am here for the trick!

Here are some of the best, creepiest, and scariest ways to decorate your bathroom for Halloween this year. As a note, some of these ideas are a bit gory because they use fake blood so please skip this post if this sort of thing offends or makes you uncomfortable. For the rest of you, read on!

Blacklight Bathroom Nightmare

Nothing kills the mood more than having the entire house decked out in Halloween decor until somebody enters your bland and uninteresting restroom. Use black light bulbs in your restroom and throw up some fake cob webs. You can even write your own special message to your friends with a black light pen!

Bathroom Corpse Body Bag

Put a bunch of newspaper in a black trash bag and shape it into the form of a corpse. You can tie string around it or but duct tape on it to make it look realistic!  Add a little fake blood and you’ve got yourself a crime scene!

Jason’s Behind the Shower Curtain

This is probably the scariest one for me. I wouldn’t take my eyes off of that thing while was in the bathroom. Somehow, I would be absolutely certain that it would move just a tiny bit at any moment. As soon as it does, I’m running for the door!

Creepy Little Girl

Put this prop in the corner of your bathroom and watch your friends jump when they turn the lights on. This creepy little girl will scare the bejeebers out of you! Looks like she just got out of an insane asylum. I think it’s best to leave the bathroom to her.  This is actually a DIY project submitted by a member at the Halloween Forum.  With a few supplies, you could probably make one of these on your own.

This Guy’s Lost His Mind

Some people don’t like the sight of blood, even fake blood. For those who are squeamish, this would be quite a scare to say the least!

This Stall is Occupied

“Hello, somebody still in there?”

Sit a fake skeleton on top of the toilet and close the door. When visitors open the door, they’ll think they’ve walked in on somebody!

Trick or Treat!

Getting your bathroom ready for Halloween should be just as important as the rest of your home. What ever you do, just don’t be like these kids and get suspended for having a party in the bathroom. Oh, and don’t forget to check out last year’s Halloween Ideas too!