What is the Connection Between Black Cats & Halloween

Black Cat Halloween

If you’re like everybody on the PrettyLitter group, you most likely assume black cats are definitely lovable.

So where did their ultra-spooky, bad-luck track record originated from?

As well as why are they so carefully connected with Halloween?

Well, we get on an objective to save black pet cats everywhere from the poor representative, so we studied the history publications to discover just how black felines became a quickly identifiable symbol for the most weird evening of the year.

A Quick History on Black Cats

Black Cat

Oddly enough, in numerous various other cultures– like parts of the United Kingdom, Japan, and Egypt– black pet cats are in fact viewed as fortunate!

So exactly how did we end up with this idea that black pet cats are unlucky as well as even terrible in the United States?

The luck-lineage of black cats is hard to trace, however some historians appear to assume the black cat’s negative track record comes from mythology. Greek, Celtic, and also Norse mythology references black pet cats somehow.

In ancient times, the Greeks informed stories of Zeus as well as Hera– the king as well as queen of the gods. In spite of being a beautiful as well as beloved leader, Hera had plenty of spite. In among her several stories, she attempted to stop the birth of Heracles. Galinthias, a servant, handicapped her strategy and Hera turned her right into a black feline out of anger. Later, the now-cat Galinthias ended up being the assistant to Hecate, the Greek siren of witchcraft, ghosts, the moon, and also fatality. Spooky.

We can thank the Romans for the suggestion that “a cat running across your course from right to left– if it was a black cat specifically– would certainly be an ominous thing,” according to Dr. James Serpell, a professional in zoology as well as the background of animals.

In Norse folklore, the goddess Freyja is the ruler of love, charm, fertility, and war (rather the combination!). This fancy lady rode around for seven years on a chariot pulled by 2 black pet cats. As legend has it, Freya released her black pet cat servants by transforming them right into witches when their service was up.

Black Cat Symbolism

For many years, as the black pet cat’s reputation has actually advanced, the black pet cat has actually ended up being an icon of different prophecies.

When the Puritans had their spell of bad luck throughout the Salem Witch Tests, they believed that witches can bond with particular pets, which were described as “familiars.” These familiars were typically seen as extensions of the witch and wicked witchy actions. Ultimately, all black cats were thought to be connected with witches.

Black cats may also get their negative reputation merely as a result of the shade of their fur. Black is usually connected with evil, anarchy, as well as trouble. This association was made more powerful by a branch of anarchists called “anarcho-syndicalists” who fought for labor legal rights in the very early 1900’s. This team took on the black cat as their sign and also later came to be referred to as the Industrial Employee of the Globe.

After so many years of obtaining the short end of the stick when it involves luck and also organizations, the black feline was eventually added to the conventional cast of Halloween style among ghosts, demons, and evil spirits.


During Halloween, you’ll likely see black cat silhouettes in home windows, completely perched kitties on the backs of mop sticks, and also those beautiful yellow eyes radiant at you from around every edge. Black pet cats are most commonly seen alongside witches or perhaps decorating their own witch hat, making them among the most prominent Halloween symbols and also designs.

However, black cats are also amongst the least frightening and also gory designs you’ll likely see this Halloween, making them a kid-friendly sign of Halloween enjoyable. Simply make sure to show your kiddos that black felines are no different than various other pet cats– they simply get an unique reference throughout this moment of year.